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These recycled glass Vetrazzo slabs are unique, artisan-made products that has been handled with care and expert attention to detail. For more information about this unique, green product contact us.

What is Vetrazzo?

The Vetrazzo story began in 1996, when a brilliant scientist from Berkeley, California, who was fascinated by the properties of glass, invented an entirely new product. He developed an innovative mix of recycled glass that could be used to created highly durable, beautifully coloured slabs.

Handcrafted with Care

Each Vetrazzo slab is proudly produced by hand in Tate, Georgia, USA, and each is a masterpiece of engineering, design and sustainable development. Our precious sources of glass are carefully chosen in a process that calls for painstaking research and meticulous quality control. The pieces of glass are introduced into the composite and placed by hand to ensure the smooth, uniform surface that enhances the beauty of the finished Vetrazzo slab.

Vetrazzo Sustainable Design

Back when “green” was just a color and not a sustainable design and development term, Vetrazzo was already using glass refuse to create stunning surfaces. A Vetrazzo slab can be made of 100% recycled glass. For more inspiration, check out our Vetrazzo Pinterest Board.

Contact Us or Visit Our Sydney Showroom

Located near Sydney Airport RMS Marble has a large range of Stone tiles, slabs and accessories that you can view in our showroom /warehouse.  Bring along your drawings and colour palette so we can help find the perfect stone products for you.