Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

Stone mosaics are the perfect addition to your next project. They work for walls, floors, backsplashes, and can be used internally and externally. Natural Stone Mosaics add texture and artistic intricacy to any kitchen, bathroom or living area. All of our Natural Stone Mosaics pair well with our extensive range of Natural Stone Tiles.

Current Trends with Stone Mosaics

Previously, architects and designers tended to place stone mosaics on a wall or a kitchen backsplash. Currently, we are seeing a new trend with placing stone mosaics as floor tiles and larger format tiles on walls. This trend inversion is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also improves traction in areas like bathrooms by providing more grip. To keep up to date with all natural stone trends, follow our RMS Marble Pinterest page.

What are Stone Mosaics Tiles? 

Perhaps the earliest forms of decorative art applied to floors was the use of small, coloured stones to create patterns and stories.  Many cultures have used this technique to record their history and tell their stories. Today the art of mosaics has become a specialised field of production using an endless stream of small quarried material.  From simple squares to stunning murals, mosaics are a way to enhance and adorn our lived spaces.

How to Choose the Right Type of Stone Mosaic 

There are so many different varieties of stone mosaics available internationally that it is impossible for any company to stock all of them.  Instead, stone mosaics are usually selected for their popularity in the Australian Market.  Many different shapes and sizes are available in a variety of different stones and almost all of these are mounted onto mesh backing which makes them easier to install. Custom patterns and colours are available for indent orders.

Most stone mosaics can be used in normal domestic applications with the main caution being that installation is performed with the correct adhesives, grouts and sealers for the area they are used.

Uses for Stone Mosaics Tiles 

The use of stone mosaics is only limited by the imagination and the design of the structure.  Main applications are in bathrooms and kitchens, but mosaics work well on entrance floors, on pool features, around BBQ’s and internal feature walls.

Used well, stone mosaics can enhance most areas of a house, adding life and pattern to otherwise plain spaces.

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