Rino is a Grey Natural Stone – Stunning, Sturdy, and Unique

This beautiful stone was a find for RMS about 10 years ago when we began to import this into Australia.  Traditionally used for centuries in Italy this volcanic stone has a unique pattern and colouration which distinguishes it from almost any other material. Rino was quickly taken up by Australian designers for a variety of internal and external projects and remains a favourite today.

The nature of the stone is different from many commonly used some incorrectly refer to it as granite, bluestone, limestone or even marble. However, Rino is none of these, it is categorised as a Natural Stone.

What is this Natural Stone?

Tuff is a volcanic material made of volcanic ash ejected from a vent during a volcanic eruption. Following ejection and deposition, the ash is compacted into solid rock in a process called consolidation. A tuffaceous stone is a rock that contains more than 50% tuff. The word ‘tuff’ comes from the Italian word ‘tufo.’

Although Peperino is not considered a Limestone or a Basalt, there are often fragments of those materials sprinkled throughout the stone as well as other fragmented minerals.

Where does Rino come from?

Rino is quarried in Italy near Rome. It is a striking blue-grey material suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Rino comes in a few different varieties, Rino Grigio, Rino Rosa, and Trachite Rino Rosa. The most popular type of Rino is Rino Grigio which fit our Australian tastes although the other varieties do suit certain projects.

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What are common uses for Natural Stone?

This stone is especially good for floors, building ornaments, flagstone, coping, pavers, slabs, sculptures, windowsills, stairs, and other design projects. Peperino Grigio can be processed into sawn cut, honed finish, brushed, split, river worn, feature rocks and so on.

What are other names for Rino Natural Stone?

Rino has many other names that it is known by around the world: Torino, Grey Volcanic Tuff, Grigio Rino Tuff, Gray Stone, Peperino,Grigio Trachite, Grey Stone, Peperino di Viterbo, Duro, Tuff Soriana, Rino Soriano, Tuff Trachyte del Cimino,  Tuff Verdolino, Trachite Tuff Soriano, Trachite Tuscia, Trachite Vetusta.

Where can this Natural Stone be found?

We sell Rino Tuff Grey Natural Stone right here in Sydney! Contact us for more information on cost and sizing. Follow our Instagram for Stone and Design inspiration.