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Quartz Tiles & Slabs

A remarkable blend of nature and technology – which combines beauty and functionality. This high-performance surface is perfect for kitchen countertops and other interior surfacing applications. This material is comprised of more than 93% natural quartz crystals, one of the hardest minerals found in nature. This material is colour controlled and blended together with technologically advanced polymers, resulting in a luxurious and smooth high-gloss material that does not require sealing.


Benefits of Quartz Stone

The engineering process provides a hygienic surface and is non-porous and is highly resistant to bacteria, moisture, mould and mildew penetration. Due to the high quartz content it is ultra-durable and resistant to scratches and chipping. The slabs are available in 3.1m x 1.52m.

Quartz Stone Colours

This material is available in a vast range of contemporary and classic colours. Each colour is inspired by an iconic natural formation, and unlike granite, your colour will be consistent through every inch of the surface. Looking for a wider colour range? Check out our Geoluxe or Natural Stone selection.

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Located near Sydney Airport RMS Marble has a large range of Stone tiles, slabs and accessories that you can view in our showroom /warehouse.  Bring along your drawings and colour palette so we can help find the perfect stone products for you.