XStone SR.OIL Stain Remover for oil and grease stains

XStone SR.OIL Stain Remover is specially formulated to effectively remove oil and grease stains from a wide range of surfaces, including marble, granite, natural stone, and terracotta. SR.OIL Stain Remover is a non-acidic formula that provides high-performance cleaning even on materials that have not been treated and designed to leave no marks or discolouration on the treated surfaces.

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• Marble
• Granite
• Natural Stone
• Recomposed
• Klinker
• Terracotta
• Beton


• Floorings
• Stairs, Coverings
• Kitchen benchtops
• Bathroom benchtops
• Tables


• Stain remover cream
• Contains no acids
• Penetrates into the materials and extracts stains
• Rimuove macchie di grasso, olio minerale e vegetale, cere, ecc…
• Remove grease stains, mineral and vegetable oil, waxes, etc
• Easy to use
• Leaves no marks
• It does not change the colour of the treated material



Ready to use product. Pour SR.OIL onto the stain and cover it well. Let it to react until the product will become white dust. At the end clean with a wet sponge or absorbent paper. Rinse. Repeat if is necessary.

After use carefully close the package and keep it away from heat sources. Whether the packages are new or used their duration is 12 months in which they will have to be stored at an approximate temperature between 5 ? and 20 ? C. as evaporation the solvent leads to the drying of the product.


• Box of 20 Pcs of 0.5 Lt/Kg


Depending on the surface to be cleaned