Natural Stone Cladding & Walling

Natural stone cladding and walling represents a seamless blend of organic elements with architectural design, offering a versatile design solution for enhancing a building’s aesthetic. 

Architects and designers can create facades that exude elegance and sophistication while adding natural stone’s unique textures and tones and providing structural strength against different elements. RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics proudly serves as a leading source for exquisite natural stone cladding in Sydney and across Australia.  

Natural Stone Cladding and Walling - RMS Marble

Natural Stones To Transform Your Walls and Cladding

Grigio Carnico Marble Cladding - RMS Marble


Marble is known for its elegance and timeless beauty; it comes in various shades and veining patterns. It offers a polished, luxurious appearance. Perfect for creating a sophisticated and opulent ambience. Its sleek finish elevates the aesthetics of any natural stone cladding, adding a modern-classic touch.

RMS Marble Italian Travertine in Vein Cut Bathroom cladding flooring2


Featuring natural pits and voids, travertine exhibits a warm, textured surface. Its colour variations range from earthy tones to creamy whites. Ideal for creating a rustic or Mediterranean feel. Its textured appearance adds character and warmth, making it suitable for contemporary and traditional designs.
Bellagio Limestone Cladding - RMS Marble


Limestone offers a soft, natural appearance with subtle patterns and earthy hues. It can contain fossilised elements, adding unique visual interest and creating a relaxed and natural vibe. Its muted tones complement various interior styles, from casual to formal, bringing a sense of tranquillity to spaces.
Black Q Quartzite Cladding - RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics


Known for its durability and resistance to heat and scratches, quartzite displays vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and a crystalline sparkle. Offers a blend of elegance and resilience. Its striking appearance adds a contemporary touch, making it suitable for modern designs seeking a statement look.

granite supplier sydney


Recognised for its durability and wide range of colours, granite displays unique patterns and crystalline textures. Brings a luxurious and polished look to spaces. Its diverse colour options and durability make it suitable for various classic and modern styles.

RMSNaturalStone ArdesiaItalianSlate Slab

Italian Slate

Italian slate features a fine-grained texture with rich, deep colours. It often showcases varying shades of greys, blues, and blacks. Projects a sleek and sophisticated aura. Its unique colour variations and sleek surface create a modern and artistic vibe.

RMS Marble BASALTITE Wet Areas3


Basalt exhibits a dark, dense composition with a uniform texture and is commonly available in shades of grey to black. Offers a contemporary and minimalist appeal. Its sleek, uniform appearance complements modern architectural designs, providing a bold and striking presence.

Ceppo di Greg Swatch - RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics

Di Gre

Di Gre used in cladding exhibits a range of warm and earthy tones, often featuring unique patterns and textures that bring a natural and welcoming facade. It can create a harmonious and inviting exterior. Di Gre cladding adds character and warmth, ideal for blending with natural surroundings or traditional architectural styles.

La Bella Dolomite Swatch - RMS Marble


Dolomite in cladding offers a mix of colours and textures, providing a versatile and durable exterior surface resistant to weathering, creating a contemporary and sleek appearance, and offering a modern touch to architectural designs.

Benefits of Using Natural Stone for Cladding & Walling

  • Durability: Natural stones like marble, granite, and quartzite offer exceptional durability, ensuring longevity and resilience against weather elements, making them ideal for a wall-cladding stone.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The unique textures, colours, and patterns in natural stones enhance the visual look of spaces, providing a timeless and elegant style to buildings.
  • Variety: A wide range of natural stones offer diverse options to suit various architectural styles, allowing for creativity and customisation in design.
  • Natural Insulation: Natural stones possess inherent insulating properties, helping regulate temperature, resulting in energy efficiency, and contributing to a comfortable indoor environment.
  • Low Maintenance: Many natural stones require minimal upkeep, remaining resistant to staining, scratches, and wear over time, reducing the need for frequent maintenance efforts.
Cladding Tiles - RMS Marble

Innovate your spaces with RMS Marble Natural Stone & Ceramics. 

Transform your living area with the undeniable charm of natural stone wall cladding. At RMS Marble Natural Stone & Ceramics, we are Australia’s leading natural stone supplier. Our diverse array of stones empowers you to curate spaces that match your taste and requirements.

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