Carrara Arabesque Marble Mosaic

Carrara Arabesque Marble Mosaic is a masterpiece of timeless elegance in interior design. Crafted from Carrara marble, known for its classic beauty and luxurious appearance, this mosaic showcases a captivating Arabesque pattern that adds sophistication to any space.

Carrara marble’s soft white background with delicate grey veining creates a sense of timeless charm, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a classic aesthetic. The Arabesque pattern, characterised by its intricate, interlocking curves and lines, adds a layer of artistry and depth to the design.

This mosaic is a versatile choice, suitable for a range of applications, from splashbacks in kitchens to feature walls in bathrooms.

Stone Type

Marble, Mosaics

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Splash Back, Wall & Floor Tiles, Walls