Emperador White Marble

Emperador White Marble is a luxurious looking natural stone that has potential for a range of applications, and endless design possibilities. Its white opal hue offers a neutral palette that pairs well with any design aesthetic, making it the perfect selection for a wide array of interior and exterior applications. Imagine the design possibilities with a calm living space or alternatively a large commercial setting.

Emperador White Marble presents a wealth of design possibilities. Its white opal colour offers a soft and neutral look that compliments a wide range of styles, from modern to traditional and from intimate spaces to expansive business environments. The natural beauty of this marble adds elegance to any setting, seamlessly fitting into any colour scheme or design decor.

More than just aesthetically pleasing, Emperador White Marble is versatile and suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. Design your own unique space by pairing Emperador White Marble with various metal finishes. Its light tone beautifully enhances shiny, warm, and black metals, creating a distinctive and refined look.

To maintain and protect Emperador White Marble, use XStone T3.21H Anti Stain, which also functions as a water repellent. This treatment creates a natural look on surfaces, leaves no residue, fully absorbs, and is easy to apply. It guards against stains from oil, coffee, grease, wine, and more, without yellowing over time. Suitable for smoothed, brushed, and matte surfaces, XStone T3.21H keeps your Emperador White Marble looking pristine. Additionally, solvent T3.21 is available for extra surface protection. Note: These treatments do not protect against acid substances.

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