Tundra Grey Marble

Tundra Grey is a beautiful cool grey marble with white veins occasionally forming cloud-like patterning. Part of a family of grey stones from the region, Tundra Grey is a marble exhibiting higher density and greater strength than similar coloured limestone’s.

Tundra Grey also benefits from being a more consistent patterning providing greater uniformity when installed. This grey marble sits well in contemporary or traditional settings and the patterning exudes a sense of richness and luxury that only marble can achieve.

Used as slabs for cladding, benchtops, and Vanities, it can be carried through onto flooring in main areas, bathrooms, and even outside in tiles. Tundra Grey marble presents an elegant mid-grey that is easy to live with.

How Tundra Grey Marble Is Made & Where It Comes From

In selecting Tundra Grey marble, you are bringing into your space a work of natural art, eons in the making. Quarried in the steppes of Turkey, this limestone marble derives its name from the surrounding tundras. 

The stone itself is formed over millions of years and is formed from fossil-rich, sedimentary limestone. Buried within the Earth’s crust, the unique Marble of Turkey’s land experienced tremendous heat and pressure causing it to crystallise and transform into marble.

This metamorphosis causes the sedimentary calcite within the marble to crystallise, with silica impurities reacting in turn to cause diverse patterns of veining. For Tundra Grey, the unique makeup of the limestone and geologic pressures resulted in one of the most aesthetically pleasing marbles on the market.

The Appeal of Tundra Grey Marble

Tundra Grey now finds itself used extensively throughout the world in a variety of properties. Its key benefits include:

It’s Timeless & Works Well With Almost Any Space

As it is relatively neutral in tone, Tundra Grey can complement almost any space with a look that is considered genuinely timeless. With little disturbance to the dense, ivory-grey patterning, the marble can work nicely as a countertop, flooring, vanity worktop, and even as fire surrounds.

Tundra Grey Marble Is Heat Resistant

Tundra Grey also exhibits excellent heat-resistant properties. This is a natural property of marble, that when used with care will maintain it’s beauty for years.

Mid priced Marble

Tundra Grey is one of the mid priced marbles.  There are a number of softer limestones from the same region with similar colours and these sit at a lower price than the original marble.. Tundra Grey is considered one of the most elegant marble solutions and is chosen for both high-end and everyday use.

It Has A Long Lifespan

The marble is also incredibly long-lasting and has a potentially indefinite lifespan. This is thanks to the hardened crystalline structure of Tundra Grey and is proven by its use in longstanding structures like The Lincoln Memorial, the Parthenon in Greece, and even the Great Pyramid of Giza.

How To Maintain Your Tundra Grey Marble Tiles & Slabs

Like all marble, Tundra Grey is a hard wearing material. Nevertheless, to keep it looking at its best some basic maintenance is suggested.

Never Use Harsh or Acidic Chemical Cleaners

Harsh chemicals and acids can begin to eat into the surface of the marble. It’s important to take care to only use neutral PH cleaning detergents suitable for marble.  Clean acidic spills from foods like tomatoes or vinegar soon after they occur to avoid etching of the stone.

Have Your Tundra Grey Marble Tiles Professionally Sealed

All marbles benefit from being sealed after installation. A good quality sealer will make your stone much easier to clean and allow time to clean spills when they occur. In wet areas it is advisable to pre-seal tiles to limit dissolved salts migrating through the stone. 

Regular cleaning with neutral detergents and micro-fibre cloths will keep your marble looking good.

Removing Stains

Even with the best sealing and cleaning some stains may appear from organic cooking compounds, oils and inorganic compounds.. With the modern suite of specialised cleaning products there is usually a way to remove stains or completely restore an old stone installation to near new.  As a dense hard stone Tundra Marble will resist many stains and maintain the natural beauty for many, many years.

Also known as Gris Tundra Grey, Tundra Gris, Dark Tundra Grey

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