Nordic Grey Marble

Nordic Grey is a strong grey marble, punctuated with a streaked web of whit-to-taupe veining. The stone is a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary settings due to its neutral base colour and chic undertones allowing it to work alongside all decor.

The stone is extracted from the hills of Turkey which is home to over 80 marbles, all considered amongst the highest quality in the world. Nordic Grey stands as one of the country’s proudest exports with the land conditions being just right to produce premium grey marble.

 Modern usage sees Nordic Grey Marble used for all purposes including wall and floor tiles, kitchen benchtops, pool capping, staircases, and more. And, thanks to its strong crystalline structure, Nordic Grey is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

A Unique Marble Choice

While Nordic Grey is not the only grey marble on the market, it remains one of the most in-demand due to its unique blend of greys, whites, and surprisingly colourful expressions.

Slabs can be found in a variety of shades with grey base stone ranging from cooler mulberry to classic French greys. Dancing over the surface of this darker field are mineral streaks and webs in lighter tones with hints of aquatic blues and greens within.

 The stone’s depth of colour and pattern introduces diversity into a living space or commercial setting while retaining sophistication. While the grey field of Nordic Grey is a strong statement eliciting feelings of balance, the veining and subtle colours within the stone ensure every installation is completely unique. 

The marble pairs extremely well with light, contemporary decor with the most popular usage as a polished floor or wall tile. The stone is also used within more traditional settings where the natural appearance of the stone can help enhance darker woods, blues, and copper accents. 

Installing grey marble is a safe investment too because of its neutral tone. While all marble is likely to increase the perceived value of your home, grey marble is a design choice that prospective future owners will also enjoy.

Nordic Grey Marble is Extremely Versatile

As well as its attractive appearance, the structural properties of Nordic Grey also make it a good choice for any marble project. Unlike some marbles that are not suitable for some applications such as bathroom use, benchtops, or exterior use, Nordic Grey can be used anywhere and for any purpose.

Marble Feature Wall

One of the most popular ways to use Nordic Grey is to showcase it as a marble feature wall. Bookmatched, both Nordic Grey’s subtle and more pronounced variations can be appreciated, producing elegant and oftentimes mesmerising patterns. As a tiled feature wall, Nordic Grey introduces a natural element into a space, making a perfect complementary shade for oranges and golds.

Indoor Marble Floor Slabs

As Nordic Grey is one of the denser marbles on the market, it is also suitable for use as a floor slab. With a tight, granular structure composed of crystallised calcite and other minerals, Nordic Grey does not suffer from compression or wear easily. The marble looks particularly appealing when brought to a high polish, with the mid-grey tone able to carry even a large floor space.

Multipurpose Bathroom Use

Sealed and treated, Nordic Grey marble is also able to be used in the bathroom. Modern usage sees the stone used extensively as both flooring and wall cladding, as well as as a shower wall. As a natural material, the stone helps add a calming effect to any bathroom.

Other Types of Grey Marble:

Tundra Grey Marble

Also quarried in Turkey, Tundra Grey marble is a taupe-coloured stone that has light pewter veining across its entire surface. This creates a cloud-like appearance that works particularly well as a kitchen countertop.

Ascot Grey Marble

One of the most elegant marbles available, Ascot Grey features a mid-grey base stone with swirls of darker grey patches. Highlighting this variating tone are both light and dark veins. This marble now finds itself highly popular amongst designers and architects that want to add richness to a setting.

Iceberg Marble

Another member of the Turkish grey marble family, Iceberg marble has a smoother appearance with less pronounced, soft veining. This makes it ideal for flooring and wall purposes where a more subtle effect is needed.

Bardiglio Imperiale Grey Marble

For a more dramatic, natural look, Italy’s Bardiglio Imperiale features all of the elements that make grey marble so fascinating. As well as softer vein clouding atop the grey base stone, slabs also express dark, strong veining cracks that make this particularly suited for feature walls and benchtops.

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