New York White Marble

New York White Marble is one of the boldest marbles in the world, with strong, delineated lightning-bolt black veining set against crisp, pure white stone. In some slabs, this veining can be seen to bloom outwards, often overlapping and creating an energetic but fresh statement piece in any room.

As a natural stone, New York White contains all of the subtle variations in tone and surface patterning that you’d expect alongside the unbeatable durability that mother nature produces. The white marble goes by many names, including  New York Carrara White and Mugla White New York. Despite its name, however, it is in fact quarried in Turkey and other European countries.

Combined with choice furnishings and finishes, White New York marble slabs and tiles are the perfect choice for benchtops and vanities for both residential and commercial projects.

New York White Marble Slabs & Tiles Catch the Eye Like No Other

New York White Marble has been used extensively around the globe in some of the most exclusive properties. Sporting the chic, elegant, and altogether timeless combination of deep black and pristine white, the marble will never look dated and will always remain in style.

This reputation for bringing a touch of luxury and class to the home or commercial space is bolstered by its durability. White New York Marble is chip resistant, especially after sealing and finishing, meaning it can withstand even the most demanding of environments.

With its classic colour pairing, New York White suits any type of decor too. From modern minimalist to charming rustic spaces, the stone’s bright appearance elevates any environment.

Common Uses of New York White Marble

Possessing both strength and beauty, White New York slabs find themselves used in a host of different projects.

With its large expanses of white keeping things airy, New York White is often found as cladding, especially in lobbies, hallways, and bathrooms.

With diverse, ultra-detailed veining splashed across the face of the marble, however, it is also extremely popular as kitchen benchtops as it is heat-resistant even to very high temperatures. It’s also a popular choice for vanity tops adding a dash of elegance to a powder room or bathroom. The white stone reflects strongly and opens up smaller spaces with the veining occasionally arresting attention and drawing in the eye.

Consider Using New York White Marble For Indoor Floor Tiles in the Kitchen or Bathroom?

RMS Marble can supply all types of New York White slab and subway and floor tile for any kind of project. We will cut and shape the slabs to your preferred size with the required finish. With each piece of marble truly unique, you are guaranteed to have tiles that are found nowhere else in the world.

While honed marble floor tiles will give a more natural look that will not show up scuffs and scratches as much, polished wall-mounted tiles are often chosen to reflect light back into a setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I best care for my New York white marble piece?

Simply wipe down the marble using soapy water to remove dirt and residue that could take away from the impact of your marble. In the case of polished marble, a dedicated marble polishing paste can help bring out yet more shine from your stone, especially if it’s sealed.

Can you put a hot plate on New York white marble?

Yes, White New York marble is extremely heat resistant, as with most marble varieties. This makes it a great choice for a kitchen worktop but due care is advised regardless to keep marble looking its best.

Is New York white marble cheaper than white Calacatta marble?

New York “Carrara” marble is considered to be an affordable alternative to white Calacatta which is one of the most scarce varieties available.

Can New York white marble be used outdoors?

Despite being fairly durable as an indoor material, New York White is considered a “soft” marble and is less suitable for outdoor use. This is because it is more likely to absorb moisture and become stained. However, with different deposits possessing different properties, contact RMS Marble for further advice.

Also known as Blanco New York, New York Marble, Lightening New York, Lightening Marble, New York Slabs

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