History of Limestone Uses

Limestone is a versatile and durable material that has been used for centuries to create some of the world’s most impressive structures. From the ancient pyramids to the Great Wall of China, limestone has played a key role in shaping human civilization. Today, limestone is still one of the most popular building materials, used for everything from residential homes to commercial office towers. Thanks to its strength, beauty, and versatility, limestone will continue to be a popular choice for generations to come.

Limestone Origin

Most limestone forms in shallow, calm, warm marine waters. Other forms of limestone, like Travertine, come from stalactites, stalagmites and various cave formations. To be considered a true limestone, the stone must contain at least 50% calcium carbonate (or calcite). The rest of the stone oftentimes is composed of other various materials, quartz, clay, or dolomite to name a few. Limestone has long fascinated earth scientists because of its rich fossil content.

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Limestone Composition

Limestones range from being porous and chalky to being extremely dense, strong and have minimal pore spaces. Depending on the type of application you desire, certain limestone are suitable for outdoor applications (the denser materials) while others are not (the porous, chalky materials). Most limestones have a granular texture.

Popular Applications Today

Australian architects and interior designers are using limestone for most of their projects. Limestone is all around us, in fact, you see this material everyday without even realizing it. Whether your next project is an outdoor pool area or a massive shopping center in the suburbs, this stone is rich in history, allure, and character. Limestone is used for floor, walls, vanities, bench tops, outdoor entertainment areas, pathways, driveways, bathrooms, etc.

Interested in having a limestone in your home? One of our favorites is Ledo Limestone.

Ledo Limestone

Ledo is a dense, grey limestone perfect for both indoor and outdoor application. Ledo Limestone is used by Architects and Interior Designers for wall and floor tiles, kitchen bench tops, bathroom vanities, feature walls, back splash, cladding, etc. Find more natural stone inspiration on our Pinterest page.

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