Biogel Revolution Adhesive

Biogel Revolution Adhesive is a cutting-edge, rapid-setting flexible structural gel adhesive with accelerated adhesion capabilities, designed to securely bond all types of materials onto any substrate for a wide range of applications. This adhesive is specifically tailored for use with moisture-sensitive stone, ensuring a reliable and durable bond even in challenging conditions.

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  • Rapid setting adhesive with accelerated adhesion for bonding of all types of material on any substrate for any use
  • Shape memory, non-slumping
  • High deformation, non slip & no shrinkage
  • Floor & wall, internal & external
  • Tile over tile installations
  • Perfect for facades and for all moisture sensitive stone (marble – natural stone)
  • Ideal for recomposed material including terrazzo and glass tiles
  • Swimming pools, fountains, saunas & spas
  • Which shock does not contain silica sand
  • Does not contain Portland cement

Downloadable Tech Data PDF