Biogel Extreme (A+B)

Biogel Extreme (A+B) is an exceptional hybrid gel adhesive renowned for its exceptional deformability and workability. This versatile adhesive is designed to bond a wide range of materials, and it undergoes rigorous testing even under the most challenging working conditions. It’s an environmentally conscious choice and a perfect fit for green-building projects.

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  • Structural flexible multi-purpose adhesive-gel for bonding all types of material on all substrates including metal, timer, glass & PVC
  • Internal & external
  • Highly deformable, shear adhesion 7.5N/mm2
  • Shape memory, long open time
  • Hybrid gel
  • No slip & no shrinkage
  • Extended open time
  • 10 times more deformable than a class S2 (50mm) cement-based adhesive
  • Adhesive strength 5 times superior to a class C2 cement based adhesive
  • Swimming pools, fountains, saunas & spas
  • Marble – natural stone, recomposed material, glass tiles
  • Does not contain petrochemicals

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