Bioflex S1 Adhesive

Bioflex S1 Adhesive represents a breakthrough in adhesive technology, offering exceptional performance and eco-friendliness for a wide range of tile and stone applications. This deformable mineral adhesive boasts an impressively high natural additive content, ensuring not only superior bonding but also environmental responsibility.

Ideal for porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, and natural stone, Bioflex S1 Adhesive delivers a reliable and robust bond with no vertical slip, making it suitable for both walls and floors. Its extended open time provides flexibility during installation, allowing for precise adjustments and ensuring a stress-free tiling process.
One of Bioflex S1’s standout features is its eco-friendly formulation, aligning with sustainable construction practices. Its composition reflects a commitment to reducing environmental impact without compromising performance, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious projects.
With S1 Technology, Bioflex S1 Adhesive offers superior flexibility, allowing it to accommodate substrate movement and temperature variations. This flexibility ensures long-lasting adhesion and minimizes the risk of cracks or delamination, even in demanding conditions.

For the best results and a harmonious finish, Bioflex S1 Adhesive is ideally paired with Kerakoll Grouts, forming a cohesive and dependable system that enhances the longevity and aesthetics of your tile and stone installations. Whether you’re a professional installer or a homeowner embarking on a DIY project, Bioflex S1 Adhesive is a reliable and eco-friendly choice that meets the highest standards of performance and sustainability.

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  • Deformable mineral adhesive
  • High performance no vertical slip
  • Extended open time
  • White shock does not contain silica sand
  • Suitable for ceramic & large format porcelain tiles mosaics & natural stone
  • Floor & wall, internal & external
  • Swimming pools, fountains, saunas & spas
  • Tile over tile installation & suitable for heating systems
  • Suitable for acoustic matting
  • Does not contain petrochemicals
  • Does not require priming on most substrates

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