Serpegiante Limestone Tiles


610 x 305 x 10mm
Honed Finish
30.13 m2 available
Batch/Serial No. #M120

For optimal performance and longevity, it is strongly recommended to pre-treat and seal the stone prior to laying. This precaution helps to protect the limestone and maintain its beauty over time.

$60 per m2 plus GST

Serpegiante Limestone Tiles feature a light beige or cream base colour, offering a neutral and warm foundation for various design applications. The stone is characterised by its distinctive wood-like veining pattern, which ranges from subtle to pronounced streaks, resembling the natural texture and appearance of wood grain. These veins, usually in shades of brown or grey, add depth and visual interest to the tiles.

The surface of Serpegiante Limestone Tiles has a smooth and consistent texture, enhancing its natural elegance and making it a desirable choice for many interior design projects. Quarried in China, this limestone is meticulously processed and finished to meet diverse design specifications and requirements, ensuring a high-quality product that meets the needs of various projects.

The natural veining and warm tones of Serpegiante Limestone make it highly versatile, suitable for a range of design styles from traditional to contemporary. Its ability to pair well with other natural materials like wood, metal, and glass further enhances the overall aesthetic of any space, creating a harmonious and sophisticated look.

Stone Type


Available In



Beige, Grey