5 Beautiful Ways To Incorporate Arabescato Vagli White Marble in Your Home

Being such a versatile material, Arabescato Vagli finds itself used by architects, designers, and property owners throughout a home:

Floor Tiles

Reminiscent of traditional Italian marbles, Arabescato Vagli is a great choice as a floor tile. Due to its strong formation, it’s even suitable for high-traffic areas in residential and commercial projects.  Tiles can be shipped directly which provide a more random mix or slabs can be cut by a Stonemason so the pattern on the floor is the same as the original slab.

The strong, grey webbing coupled with soft, white field patterns make for a beautiful floor surface. Slabs of Arabescato Vagli also pair nicely with inverted marbles to form a chequer board pattern and bring an air of Parisian sophistication.

Kitchen Benchtops

Whether using a large single slab as a kitchen island or as strips for benchtops and breakfast bars, Arabescato Vagli is a daring but subtle choice for any kitchen. The stone’s texturing and distinct veining are enough to prevent the marble from overbearing a space and, instead, ties decor together with its neutral colouring. Running the veins across a bench and up into the splash-back ties the space together while creating a striking feature.

Bathroom Countertop

When used as a countertop or vanity stand, Arabescato Vagli’s immaculate patterning brings a sense of decadence to the bathroom. The light colouring keeps things feeling fresh with the bold veining ensuring there is no mistake about the quality of the marble used.

Feature Wall

Accompanied by feature lighting, slabs of Arabescato Vagli can become a showcase in their own right. Whether mirrored in a bookmatched style or tiled to cover a surface, Arabescato’s beautiful patterning and natural chic commands attention. Arabescato is a striking feature for an entrance wall or as a backdrop to an entertainment area.

External cladding

Arabescato Vagli turns the exterior of a home into a work of art, communicating classic elegance and natural strength. Due to its highly dense and durable formation, it’s suitable for use in almost any climate. With such a highly prized marble, external applications are best installed in covered areas to preserve the finish and detail of the material.

Choosing the Right Finish For Your Arabescato Vagli White Marble

While all marble is formed by natural processes, it is finished by master stoneworkers. These experts use various finishing techniques to bring out the natural qualities of the stone.


Conveying an old-world feel with a softer, less polished look, honed finishes are popular for flooring purposes, especially in bathrooms. The finish gives an improved underfoot grip and is more resistant to scratches.


Working in both traditional and contemporary spaces, polished marble’s high gloss finish helps reflect light and provides a sense of luxury. The mirrored surface of polished marble makes it particularly suitable for countertops where it is less likely to stain.


With more texture than a honed slab, brushed marble enhances the natural patterning and colour of the stone while also introducing additional texture to flooring. Brushing gives a more rustic appearance to the marble and has a soft feel under-foot.

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