9 Popular Marble Mosaics

Stone mosaics are the perfect addition to enhance a range of spaces in homes and commercial premises.  Mosaics bring an aesthetic that separates an area from its surroundings in texture, colour and shape and can define the space or simply highlight an area that sits within a larger palette. Combining the range of colours and textures available in natural stone into the mosaic provides  a combination that will add a sense of luxury within a room.

While often used today in simple colours as splashbacks or in pools, mosaics were originally used to depict snippets of daily life or momentous events and installed on walls and floors to make a statement to the viewing audience.

#1 Penny Round Marble Mosaics


Penny Round 1

Penny Rounds are small circular charming pieces of marble that are placed on mesh backing. They are perfect for providing texture to your space visually and physically. These mosaics offer you an exhilarating conversation piece all about a uniquely cut natural bit of art.

Some of the smallest marble mosaics is a penny round and like all mosaics carful choice of grout colour can set your installation apart by either blending or highlighting the mosaic pieces. Mosaics like Penny Rounds when used on floors, with the addition of a good modern grout will provide a grip surface under-foot but still easy to maintain.

#2 Basket Weave Marble Mosaics

Basketweave 1

Basket Weave mosaics contain two different materials. Typically, a basketweave mosaic will have a larger rectangle piece that is lighter colour such as Bianco Carrara or Thassos Marble combined with a darker smaller square piece such as Nero Marquina Marble or Bardiglio Marble. The two contrasting colours are arranged into the basket weave pattern.

Intricate depth and movement are abundant in these luxury marble mosaics. Basket Weave mosaics are placed on a mesh backing and are easy to lay and grout, making them perfect for your next project.

#3 Hexagon Marble Mosaics

Hexagon 1

Hexagon, or Hex, mosaics are generally available in different formats, typically ranging from larger sizes through to quite small which can be used on walls and floors.  The hexagon can be elongated or symmetrical and these variations add variety to the looks this shape can achieve.   If carefully designed it is possible to mix small and large Hexagons with matching proportions together for even more interest.

Carrara marble is a favorite for traditional or heritage installations in bathrooms and foyers, typically using a medium size Hexagon occasionally bordered by a contrasting dark marble tile.

#4 Herringbone Marble Mosaics

Herringbone 1

Most Herringbone mosaics are placed on mesh backings, making them a breeze to install. The Herringbone style is like a Chevron pattern in that the pieces follow two different diagonal lines. The major difference is that a Herringbone pattern has square edges and Chevron has diagonally cut edges to form a “V” shape.

The zig-zag pattern of Herringbone mosaics gives a fascinating look to your space. They look stunning in a variety of colours and finishes. Herringbone mosaics are more than just a floor or wall tile, they can become the focal point of your home.

#5 Subway Marble Mosaics

subway 1

Subway pattern mosaics are a classic pattern that usually come staggered or stacked. Different from your standard Subway tile, Subway mosaics are typically a bit smaller. They come on mesh backing, making it easier for tilers to lay. Subway mosaics are available in a variety of stone types and sizes.

#6 Diamond Fan Mosaics

Diamond Fan

Diamond Fan mosaics look exactly as the name suggests; a fanned-out diamond. The top part of the diamond has a chevron pattern. This style of mosaic looks best in a bathroom as a feature wall.

This style of mosaic is harder to find than more common patterns; consider this mosaic a diamond in the rough.

#7 Fish Scale Mosaics


At the moment, Fish Scale mosaics are really popular. They are a new style of mosaic that interior designers are absolutely LOVING. They are renowned for cutting edge design and add texture and pop into your home.

#8 Leaf Marble Mosaics


If you love nature, these gorgeous Leaf mosaics are perfect for you. These mosaics give you the feeling of the great outdoors, right inside your home! They are unique and stunning. Typically, Leaf marble mosaics come in a Bianco Carrara material and are available honed or polished.

#9 Chevron Marble Mosaics

Chevron 1

Chevron mosaics follow a “v” or “w” pattern and have a sharp point at the end. These mosaics can be used as a floor and wall tile, or you can elevate the look of your space and turn these tiles into a feature wall for your home!

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