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3 Reasons Why Calacatta Grigio is Sought After

Calacatta Grigio is from Italy

Marble is quarried in many countries across the world, although some of the most famous marbles are sourced in the Mountains of Italy.  Many of the most iconic statues, fountains and even buildings that we marvel over owe some of their appeal to the spectacular Italian marbles used to create these works of art.

calacatta grigio quarry e1607471630527

It stands the test of time

Calacatta Marble is one of the most famous Italian marbles which has been used by many famous architects and was also a favourite of Michelangelo.  This heavily sought-after marble continues to be a benchmark of luxury and is installed in prestigious spaces around the world almost daily.  This demand for Calacatta Marble only adds to its enduring appeal and value.

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Calacatta exudes refinement

At RMS Marble we love Calacatta especially as we see its changing patterns and colours in the slabs we supply.  With a striking white background and grey veining, Calacatta Grigio is an eye-catching marble that becomes a focal point of any installation. Used internally as benchtops, wall cladding in bathrooms and foyers, vanities or flooring, Calacatta Grigio provides a refined elegance to any installation.

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Calacatta Grigio Vanity