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3 Important Features of Terracotta

What is Terracotta?

Terracotta is a natural material, like wood or stone, and its full beauty and richness are displayed through an infinite variety of colour nuances and minor surface flaws, which differ from one tile to another. While the clay to form the terracotta is still wet, before the subsequent steps of drying and firing, the surface can be left as it is, or it can be elaborately structured.

In any event, a terracotta floor will always display slight variations in shade and colour, softly blended and full of atmosphere. It is no accident that materials like these are sought after by people wanting to enjoy the authentic feel of natural terracotta, combined with the precision and practical advantages of an industrial product.

Traditional “hand-made’’ terracotta is a product that has great charm and a certain prestige.

Rich in History – Modern in Flavour

Still manufactured today using the time-honored methods, terracotta continues to be a preferred material for imaginative and innovative design projects. We import and wholesale from Italians that are constantly engaged in recapturing and utilizing old production techniques as part of its mission to satisfy the needs of customers looking for a genuine terracotta with no compromise of quality.

Specialty terracotta treats the skin until making it bright and soft to the touch, obtaining warm, changing but never repetitive shades. Extremely beautiful pieces are taken out of the oven to make up floors in the track of tradition, of a historical and, at the same time, modern flavour, in line with the current requirements of a precious design, but still balanced with a harmonic coordination of style and colours. The nuances obtained with the addition of oxides and pigments in the imprunetina clay paste retrieve the shades and colours of the natural elements from which they take inspiration.

Timeless Outdoor Terracotta

From the ancient squares of Italy to the contemporary streets to pave the most beautiful and indestructible paths.

High-thickness sestina and bricks with spacers to enable dry laying as self-locking. Squares, streets, gardens; wherever an authentic natural, resistant, carriageable terracotta paving is useful, in precious colours and shades that can truly fit out valuable areas for good. Products with modern systems that are able of great scale economies without renouncing any quality shading.

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